scattergories online

Scattergories online

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The random generator selects a letter from A to Z.

Lets start the game! Klick on the Button "New Letter".
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60 s

Good Luck

Scattergories rules

Everyone knows the game Scattergories. The random generator will pick the next letter for you. After that you have 60 seconds. Write down your cattergories starting with the random letter. When the time is up, the screen turns red. This starts the next round.

For example: First you need a pen and paper. Then the game Scattergories can start. The random generator determines e.g. the letter B. So you have one minute to write down your categories with B. If a player has completed all the categories, then shout STOP! If nobody manages to fill all fields, then it is over after 60s. The screen of turns red.

The Score:
If you have written down a categorie that does not appear twice, then you get 20 points. All other terms are worth 10 points. The player who collects the most points has won the game. Alright? You can find more information about the game here.

100% fun factor with Scattergories online.