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Heads or Tails is a simple form of decision support. You throw a coin, catch it and look which side is up. It’s either heads or tails. Before the coin toss you are asked whether you bet on heads or tails. After that, the coin is thrown. The probabilities are 50%. With the random generator you can play heads or tails online.

Heads or Tails is often used in sports, for example, in football or American football. The coin toss serves as a random mechanism in two-up, a game of chance offered in many Australian casinos.

In American football, the referee throws a coin. The team captain of the foreign team may predict the result (heads or tails). The team that wins the coin toss can decide whether to kickoff first or have the opponent kick off first. Flip the coin now.

“Heads or tails” is a term used to describe the two sides of a coin. When a coin is flipped, it can land on either heads or tails. In most cases, the side of the coin with the image of a head (usually that of a person or animal) is designated as heads, while the other side is designated as tails. The phrase “heads or tails” is often used to refer to a simple, random decision-making process. For example, if two people can’t decide on something and agree to “flip a coin,” they might say “heads or tails” to indicate that the result of the coin flip will be the deciding factor. In many cultures, flipping a coin has long been used as a way to make simple, random decisions. The outcome of a coin flip is often considered to be a matter of chance, and is therefore seen as a fair way to resolve disputes or make decisions.