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The password generator will create your own secure password. Ideally, your password contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers like special characters, and is at least 8 characters long.

Create a secure password

Security in the internet is not easy. A really secure encryption is given only under certain conditions.

Tips for creating an almost invulnerable password

When assigning a password, the following rule of thumb must be observed: the longer, the safer. In doing so, however, real words from the lexicon should be avoided, which of course includes names of pets or family members. Also, the use of birth data is not recommended. Instead, an arbitrary juxtaposition of all possible letters – in both upper and lower case -, numbers and special characters is recommended. Nowadays, however, since every person has to remember tons of passwords, the overview can be lost quickly. The following tips may help you to remember different passwords better.

The sentence as a reminder: Considering a succinct phrase – be it a poem line or an advertising slogan – and uses only the initials with the appropriate uppercase and lowercase letters and the associated punctuation, a password is much better to remember in mind than a random character combination. Since the encryption should usually consist of as many characters as possible, the use of a correspondingly long sentence is advisable.

Create your own rules: To make a password even safer, special characters and numbers should be involved in addition to large and small letters and punctuation. For this a list of own rules is helpful, which replace the former with the latter. Thus, words can be alienated and made recognizable only to oneself. If, for example, a password is “love”, the term is changed by means of the defaults L = 7 and e = € as follows: “7i € b €”. Thus, one can remember seemingly simple passwords better and at the same time is sufficiently protected against hacker attacks.

Beware of umlauts: Not every country has umlauts on the keyboard. If the password contains the letters ä, ö, and ü, you may not be able to access your protected account.
If you want to play it safe and prefer to use a combination of random numbers, letters and special character combinations, you can use a so-called password generator. Hereby one determines on the one hand the desired length of the password and on the other hand the symbols, which are to occur therein. Such encodings are generated exclusively on the device used for this purpose and are not stored in any form. Thus, there is no danger that the password will be cracked by outsiders.

The random number generator determines your password at random. Use the random number generator for the lucky number or lottery numbers. The random number generator helps you find your personal number. Random numbers are helpful in many areas. Use our generator as often as you want. Have fun and try our other Random Generator.