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Rock Paper Scissors online

Lets play Rock-Paper-Scissors online

You against the rock-paper-scissors generator. Try to beat the random generator.

Good luck!

The first player who reach 5 sets win the game


Rock-Paper-Scissors Rules

Choose between scissors, rock or paper. Then press the button and wait for the countdown:

Ro Sham Bo!

The icon of the opinion appears

Now compare the symbol with your personal selection. The following rules apply:

Scissors beats paper
Rock beats scissors
Paper beats rock

Did you defeat the computer at rock paper scissors?

Researchers in China wanted to know whether one can improve their own chances at “Rock-Paper-Scissors” yet. So they invited 360 students. In pairs they had to play 300 rounds “Rock Paper Scissors”. The researchers closely monitored their behavior. They found out that whoever won with one sign often tries to do the same again in the next round. Those who have lost will rather change their strategy – and choose one of the other sign.
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